University of Gonder Institute of Technology

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University of Gonder Institute of Technology

University of Gonder Institute of Technology – Check Below:

It was the intention of the government of Ethiopia through ministry of education to focus on the expansion of engineering programs throughout the country to meet the 70/30 policy where 70% of the students enrolled in undergraduate programs in governmental higher institutions to be in Science and Technology disciplines. Based on the strong demand of engineering graduates and the higher education policy, University of Gondar officially inaugurated Faculty of Technology in July 2010 which makes it the latest faculty or college opened in the university.
The Faculty has been established with the objective of responding to the need of rapid industrialization and the changing societal needs of the country for sustainable development. By the then time the faculty had four departments Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Water Resource and Environmental Engineering (currently changed to Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering).
By opening five additional programs (Architecture and Construction Technology & Management, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering) currently the faculty has nineundergraduate programs with a total number of around6000 students.
The faculty is now upgraded to the level of Institute of Technology in order to improve quality of education, create favorable environment for both the staff and students by promoting good governance and make the institute center for engineering excellence.
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