Addis Ababa University AAU Online Registration 2021 – 2022

By | March 29, 2020

Addis Ababa University AAU Online Registration 2021 – 2022

Addis Ababa University AAU Online Registration 2021 – 2022 

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After a student is admitted to one of the programs of the university, the next thing to do is register for a set of modules/courses.

A student who fails to maintain continuous registration without officially withdrawing from a program shall be considered to have dropped out of the program.

Registration takes place in the college/institute/school registrar office.

During registration, students should observe the following registration rules and procedures:

  • A student, whose application for admission to a program is accepted, can be registered according to the academic calendar.
  • The registration slips should be completed and signed by the advisor.
  • A student will not be allowed to take courses (modules and other learning materials) without completing registration formalities.
  • A student must take the pre‐requisite(s) before he/she registers for an advanced course.
  • A student shall pay for the courses listed in the registration slip and, present the cash receipt along with the forms to the respective center/office.
  • A student shall complete a registration form in triplicate. The student must submit the slips to the college/institute/school registrar office and get the “REGISTERED” stamp on them. The first copy shall be given to the student, the second to the department and the third shall be sent to the Registrar office.
  • No credit shall be given for courses for which the student is not registered even if grades have been earned.
  • Registration has to be done every semester. However, some colleges (like School of Medicine in CHS) can have registration only once a year.
  • Registration by proxy is not allowed.

A candidate may be admitted to a Ph.D. program at any time in the year, but shall normally enroll for his formal studies at the beginning of the semester following his admission.

2. Late registration

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There is usually a one (or two) day registration period after the regular registration closes during the regular, evening or Kiremt semester. This time is primarily meant to complete oversights during the registration time. Late registration may be subject to a penalty fee. The steps followed are similar to those identified in the Registration section above.

3.  Add and Drop

Add and drop is an action of registering for modules/courses or dropping those modules/courses the student registered for during the normal registration time. It is, therefore, an opportunity given to the student to correct any oversight during the normal registration period. However, such possibilities have to be explored in consultation with and permission by the academic advisor of the student.

Add and drops are done on a form prepared for the purpose and the form should be collected from the college/institute registrar office.

The date of add/drop should be completed within three weeks from the date of registration.

The specific dates for each term will be indicated in the academic calendar.

 4. Online Registration Procedure

Step 1. Collect your username and password from your College/Institution registrar office.

Step 2. Begin by logging into the with your Username (ID No.) and password.

Step 3. Click on Registration ——> Course Registration ——> Please complete your profile before registration!! Click Here >>>

  • telephone number
  • email address
  • birth date and
  • upload your passport size photograph

Click on Submit.

Step 4. Fill the cost sharing information ——> Click on Submit.

Step 5. Select Courses ——> Click on Submit. You will receive confirmation notice immediately.

Step 6. Click on Logout to close the application.

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