Addis Ababa University Distance Education Programs

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Addis Ababa University Distance Education Programs

Addis Ababa University Distance Education Programs – Check Below:
Distance Learning approaches combine the use of soft copy, tutorials, residential schools and IT based (web, e-learning platforms, e-mail, CD Rom) delivery. Distance learning modules/courses are offered and supported using any of the combination of the above mentioned delivery formats. Admission to under graduate programs is based on the requirements set by the MoE & regulations of the AAU. Admission is possible twice in a year given the minimum class size of applicants register in a program.
Graduate programs require fulfilling admission requirements of the curriculum of the specific program. Passing an entrance examination, producing an official transcript from the university/college from where one obtained one’s degree, and producing a copy of the original degree are required. No exemption is allowed for students with degree in other fields of study.
BA/BSC Programs
Distance programs leading to BA/BSC degrees are offered in the following colleges/institutes and departments/schools
School of Commerce

  1. Accounting,                 2. Business Administration Information Systems

MA/MSC Programs
Distance programs leading to MA/MSC degrees are offered in the following colleges and departments/schools
College of Business & Economics

  1. Public Management and Policy (Department of Public Administration and Management)
  2. Masters of Business Administration (MBA Program Office)
  3. Accounting and Finance (Department of Accounting and Finance)

School of Commerce

  1. Human Resources Management                2. Logistics and Supplies Chain management
  2. Marketing Management                              4. Project Management

College of Education and Behavioral Studies

  1. Educational Leadership and Management (Department of Educational Planning and Management)
  2. Social Psychology (School of Psychology)

College of Social Sciences

  1. Social Work(School of Social Work)

For the extension programs, the University follows a two semester calendar of sixteen weeks of classes each. The summer in-service programs have a term system. Summer programs usually commence in mid July and last towards the middle of September.
The Distance learning programs have three terms in one academic year each consisting of 16 weeks/four months running between July and June. Term one runs from July (Hamle) to October (Tikimt), Term two from November (Hidar) to February (Yekatit) and Term three form March (Megabit) to June (Sene). There is no vacation in the Distance program. Registration will be conducted in July, November and March. Specific dates of registration will be announced by the University before the beginning of each term.
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