Addis Ababa University Academic Calendar 2021 – 2022

By | March 27, 2020

Addis Ababa University Academic Calendar 2021 – 2022

Addis Ababa University Academic Calendar 2021 – 2022 – Check Below:

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The academic calendar shall mean a list of academic activities arranged in chronological order for one academic year.

Without prejudice to the School of Medicine and other academic units using a system of annual rather than semester course offerings, modular course offerings, as well as continuing and distance education programs, a normal semester at the University shall be 16 weeks of classes plus one week break before exams, and a summer/kiremt semester of 8-12 weeks.

At the University, a regular academic year commences in September and ends in June.

Summer semesters shall begin on July 01 and end on September 7.

In summer semesters, students shall only be carrying … _ of the normal semester load.

The duration of modular course offerings shall depend upon the ECTS/credit assigned to every modular course.

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The duration of semesters for special in-service programs shall be determined according to the needs of every such program.

The Calendar for each year shall be prepared by the University Registrar in consultation with the AVP and approved by the Senate.

The Calendar, among other things, shall provide for the following:

  • the meetings of the Senate which will normally be once each semester;
  • the dates for the approval by the Senate of graduation ceremonies;
  • a minimum of four weeks inter-semester break.
  • inter-collegiate sports which shall take place during the inter-semester break;
  • dates of special programs, such as the in-service teachers’ education; and important dates of University academic work, such as registration, readmission, add and drop, examination periods, and postgraduate entrance examinations and annual reviews;

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  1. Mesfin Dejene Gizaw

    Dear sirs/Madam; being cognizant of the PHD course given by the AAU S.S. College in the field of History, the non existance of such an advertisement appears to me questionable. Thus, i am eagerly awaiting your response, because, i am keen on pursing my PHD in History as of this academic year.


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