Adigrat University AGU Historical Background

Adigrat University ADU Historical Background

Adigrat University ADU Historical Background – Check Below:
Adigrat University (ADU) is one of the Ethiopian public universities established in 2011 with the intention of producing highly qualified and competent graduates who are capable of serving the country and its people, with the highest possible dedication, for the realization and success of the country’s five years consecutive Growth and Transformation Plans (GTPs) for making the country a high income and ultimately a prosperous nation. The trained and thereby skilled hands shall ignite a spark enough to create the fire destined to make the necessary changes for the benefit of the Ethiopian people and all human kind in the globe. Human capital is one of essential and most important ingredients for the socio-economic development of a nation. This capital can be more effective and efficient if the necessary investment is ensured on education. It is with this strong belief that our government is investing a huge budget for the higher education sector from its meager resources. Ethiopia is currently engaged in a highly ambitious effort to realign its higher education system from the old approach to a new approach so that the sector can contribute its level best for the county’s GTPs. Our University is working hard to contribute its share to realize the vision of the nation. Adigrat University is established in the beautiful town of Adigrat which is located approximately 900Kms north from Addis Ababa: the capital. The town also owns the Addis Pharmaceutical Factory (APF). The University is established on the basis of the fundamental understanding that education is a key for development endeavors. This academic year the University has 6 colleges, one school and one institute, 48 departments with a regular student population of ca. 16,000 and nearly 6000 continuening education program students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For the coming academic year the university is expecting to enroll more than 3000 new students, open new undergraduate and post graduate programs. This year the university is undertaking 80 research projects, several community and consultancy service undertakings. The university has managed to own a modern data center with all necessary facilities such as videoconferencing, digital library and IP telephony. The University has managed to develop its own efficient and comprehensive automated students’ management system (the ADU Automation) thanks to our highly dedicated automation team. The total number of its academic staff has surpassed 1100 (nearly 400 of them on their masters and PhD studies at our University and other universities at home and abroad). The support staff is expected to exceed 1500 this academic year. Adigrat University January 2017, Adigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia
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