AAU Yofthahe Nigussie School of Theatrical Arts

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AAU Yofthahe Nigussie School of Theatrical Arts

AAU Yofthahe Nigussie School of Theatrical Arts – Check Below:
The School of Theatre Arts is the older and larger school of theatre in Ethiopia. It was established, first at a Department level, in 1978 with few part-time staff from some of the professional theatre houses found in Addis Ababa.
Since then, the school has produced a significant number of professionals with Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.
These professionals have been employed in various governmental, non-governmental and private organizations not only as theatre experts but also as teachers, public relations officers, information and communication agents, journalists, and coordinators of enter-educate/entertainment education/programs, to mention but few.
They have also engaged themselves in private businessesmainly as playwrights, actors, directors and critics. Some of them have founded private companies related to theatre, film, media and communications.
Since the 2011/12 academic year, the school has launched a Master of Arts program in a problem-solving and cross-disciplinary field of study, i.e. Theatre and Development. The program focuses on utilizing theatre as a powerful tool of community development particularly in rural Ethiopia.
Given the effectiveness of the new paradigm of development, i.e. participatory development, and its strategy, participatory learning and action (PLA), particularly in developing countries, the significance of this graduate program is quite indispensable for the country. This is because it promotes participatory and highly interactive communication with the wider community, which is the foundation of participatory development in particular and sustainable development in general.
Program Objective
In line with the University’s broad objective, the school of Theatre Arts has the following objectives:

  • Schooling skilled and competent theatre practitioners for different media;
  • Training highly qualified actors, directors, dramatic critics and researchers in the field of theatre arts, film and mass media who can be fit for the demands of the country and the world at large;
  • Training theatre, film and literary experts who can serve as promoters of drama, film and literature;
  • Training film scriptwriters, actors and directors who can support the development of film industry in Ethiopia;
  • Training translators of dramatic works;
  • Encouraging students to use theatre and indigenous performances for community development;
  • Providing capacity building schemes for theatre professionals and amateur artists;
  • Helping students to engage themselves in various theatre, film and radio drama production;
  • Enhancing the artistic and cultural awareness of the University community in general and of the University students in particular;
  • Initiating knowledge transfer and experience sharing programs with similar institutes in and outside Ethiopia.

Profile of Graduates
A graduate of the School of Theatre Arts is expected to be able to:

  • Write plays for stage, radio and screen media;
  • Direct plays for stage, radio and screen media
  • Act in stage, radio and screen plays;
  • Conduct research in the areas of theatre, film literature, indigenous performance, culture, etc.
  • Evaluate and appreciate dramatic and other forms of literature as well as stage & screen productions;
  • Organize and train theatre and literary groups;
  • Translate and adapt plays;
  • Produce and broadcast theatrical, documentary film and other related programs throughmass media;
  • Enhance the artistic and cultural awareness of community through dramatic and literary works.
  • Utilize theatre as a participatory tool of community/social development

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