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Arba Minch University Department of Hydraulic & Water Resources Engineering

Arba Minch University Hydraulic & Water Resources Engineering – Check Below:
Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering program aspires to be a centre of excellence in the field of Water Resources in Africa and competitive in the world by 2020.
Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering program has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering accessible community services.


The Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering program shall have the following goals;

  • Ensure the quality of education and training in water technology
  • Advance research and consultancy works in water technology
  • Improve services to the community
  • Develop a conducive environment for learning and teaching

Objectives of the Program and Competency Profile
This program is aimed at training manpower required for the realization of the country’s vast hydropower and water resources potential. Well-qualified Hydraulic Engineers will be produced through this program who can actively be engaged in the planning; design; development and management of water resources projects; emphasis being given to hydropower projects. Specifically, the trainees will be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to execute the following tasks:

  • Undertake project identification; pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of water resources projects; with emphasis on hydropower projects;
  • Plan water resources and hydropower projects; and design hydraulic structures required for hydropower systems, water supply systems, Irrigation systems and structures which are related with environmental protection works;
  • Prepare complete contract documents for water resources projects like hydropower projects, water supply projects, Irrigation projects, and projects which are related with environmental protection work;
  • Plan, design and manage and supervise the construction of hydraulic and hydropower structures and related civil engineering works;
  • Plan, design, manage, monitor and evaluate the operation and maintenance of hydraulic and hydropower systems;
  • Remodeling and rehabilitation of existing water supply, hydraulic and hydropower systems.

Admission Requirement
Student who have successfully completed the ten plus two (10+2) years preparatory and have passed the entrance exam could apply for admission to the Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering department. Applicant will be admitted to the department on competitive basis after they join Institute of Technology based on their entrance exam results, interests and merit. No incentives are set for international students. International students satisfying the entry requirements will be admitted to the program if they can produce financial statement to support their study through various means. The Program will normally operate on a semester basis, sixteen weeks each semester, from September of one year through to June of the following year. Each year, a flexible academic calendar shall be prepared for the regular and other non-conventional programs (extension, in service, summer, etc…) by the Office of the Registrar, in consultation with the Academic Vice President and Deans of Institutes, and should be approved by the respective academic commissions and the senate.


The revised undergraduate B.Sc. study programme “Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering” in total consists of 10 semesters or five years. The first semester is designed as students attend the common courses. The student in the period of the 2nd to the 7th semester is exposed to the so called “Basic Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Studies”, in which the student shall gain all fundamental mathematical, basic Engineering as well as basic field specific skills and abilities being relevant for Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineers. At the end of the 7th semester a “Holistic Examination” is scheduled, in which the student shall proof his/her ability to address and solve more complex and practice relevant problems by combined application of a number of skills and abilities he has gained while attending the above mentioned Basic Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering studies (2nd to 7th semester).
Upon successful pass of the holistic exam the student then enters the mandatory, full semester internship in the 8th semester.
Following the successful completion of the internship, the student will pursue one semester (semester 9) of so called “Project Studies”, in which he/she shall gain advanced project related skills and abilities. The 10th and final semester is apart from some elective courses for specialization nearly exclusively dedicated to the elaboration of the B.Sc. thesis.

Graduation Requirement

Students must take and pass all the required courses to satisfy the requirements for graduation. The total number of credits required for graduation with Bachelor of Science in Hydraulic and water Resources Engineering (B.Sc.) is 196Cr Hr. or a minimum of 300 ECTS and maximum of 310 ECTS.
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