Haramaya University Software Engineering Department

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Haramaya University Software Engineering Department

Haramaya University Software Engineering Department  – Check Below:

  1. Background of the Department

Department of Software Engineering was started during the year 2008 with a target of admitting students from the year 2010, under the Faculty of Computing and Informatics.  The young and new department has started functioning with the prime most task of preparing a four year degree curriculum.  The national level demand for skilled man power in the field of Software Development has initiated the faculty to start the department immediately.  The department is further strengthened by the Departments of Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Science and Statistics in the faculty.

  1. Objectives of the department
  • To provide education for the students with at most quality and thereby to cultivate confidence in the students to serve the country better
  • Assisting Government’s policy of increasing trained manpower, thereby reducing the shortage of skilled manpower that are required for different organizations, to develop the nation
  • Assisting the industrial community and institutions around in the region to achieve excellence


  1. Objective of the B.Sc. Program

The aim of this document is to provide a curriculum for a degree program that concentrates more on the scientific aspects in the field of Software Engineering, and also to give the students a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts and principles pertaining to the areas in the field of Software Engineering. By understanding these concepts, the students will have the ability to adapt to changes in what is a rapidly changing field. Significant emphasis is also placed on developing practical skills that will be applicable to working with computers in Ethiopia. In particular a number of courses dealing with developing skills applicable to working with emerging technologies related to the Internet; although Internet use is comparatively less in Ethiopia at the moment this situation will undoubtedly change in the future.

  Educational aims of a Software Engineering program

  •  To enable prospective graduates to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the growing needs of the country for trained man power in Software Engineering.
  • To produce a high quality graduate with an entrepreneurial and problem solving mind set
  • To produce highly competent students who are able to practically apply their knowledge in the real world system.
  • To cope up the program with international standards


  1.  Program learning outcomes

Program learning outcome specifies the expectation of the program at the end of educational process in the department of the Software Engineering. This clearly state what our students able to perform at the end of successful completion of the course work. This mainly focuses on the achievable output unlike the intention described as part of the program aim.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the essential facts, concepts, principles and theories related to Software Engineering.
  • Ability to show the mastery of the software engineering knowledge and skills, and professional issues necessary to bring practice as software engineer
  • Ability to work as an individual and as a part of team to develop and deliver quality software products.
  • Ability to reconcile conflicting project activities, finding acceptable compromises within limitations of cost, time, knowledge, existing systems and organizations
  • Ability to design appropriate solutions in one or more application domains using software engineering approaches that integrate ethical, social, legal and  economic concerns.
  • Ability to learn new models, techniques and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development.
  • Study of advanced courses from basic and preliminary courses that will make the students to understand all dimensions of the field (Software Engineering) thoroughly.
  • Acquiring practical skills and knowledge in all dimensions of Software Engineering field by being involved in several group/individual projects.


  1.  Graduate Profile

The graduates of the program will be able to:

  • To make rational and justified decisions regarding the selection of methods, tools and techniques for the development of an application.
  • Design, develop and maintain good quality software by applying software engineering principles
  • Selecting the appropriate software model to develop a software based on the type of project.
  • Ability to design the test cases for the application and test the application either by performing manual testing or automation testing using the appropriate testing tools
  • Ability to design and develop advanced web sites using client side scripting and server side scripting languages
  • Ability to design, develop and maintain database systems.
  • Ability to assist in the software industry to produce good quality software by applying the software quality techniques.


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