Haramaya University Statistics Department

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Haramaya University Statistics Department

Haramaya University Statistics Department – Check Below:

 Background of the Department
Department of Statistics in Haramaya University was established in the year 2008/09 under the Collage of Computing and Informatics. It is one of the fast growing departments of the university with the objectives of providing statistical trainings, research and consultancy services. The department offers an undergraduate degree in Statistics and an M.Sc in Statistics in one stream: Econometrics. The department has sufficient staff members and resources.

  1. Objective of the Department

The Department of Statistics of Haramaya University is aimed at promoting statistical education in Ethiopia. It also aimed:

  • To produce qualified graduates in Statistics that is adaptable with problem solving capacity.
  • To develop critical statistical reasoning, with emphasis on the development of computational, mathematical and communication skills (oral and written)
  • To give training in statistical software’s and statistical literacy
  • To provide  statistical consultancy services
  • To participate and lead socioeconomic and other studies where statistical methods are applicable.
  1. Academic Programs with their Objective

3.1.    BSc Program in Statistics
3.1.1.      General Objective    
To train middle level statisticians in order to meet the demands of the socio-economic, business and development sectors in the country.
3.1.2.      Specific Objectives

  • To train middle level statisticians who can serve in collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data;
  • To train middle level statisticians who can assist in statistical research undertakings and provision of statistical services.
  • To produce middle level statisticians who can manage and supervise the activities of statistical units or offices at both government and nongovernmental organizations;
  • To produce potential candidates for graduate studies so as to meet the demand for high level statisticians who can teach and conduct research at HEIs, and other research and training centers.

Admission Requirement
An applicant must have successfully completed the science preparatory in a recognized secondary school with good performance in mathematics in the national or equivalent placement/entrance examination or the applicant must have graduated from a recognized university/college with a diploma in Statistics or related fields.
3.2.   M.Sc Program in Statistics
The main objective of the program is to train and prepare students for a wide range of professional activities as practicing statisticians.
The specific objectives of the program are:

  • to train highly qualified professionals in Econometrics;
  • to provide trainees a strong foundation of statistical methodologies for computing and data management;
  • to up-grade the professional competence of junior statistics professionals;
  • to enable students to identify and categorize statistical problems as such, learn and apply the most important statistical methods;
  • to prepare professionals that will provide leadership in statistical services in the public and private sectors;
  • to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge and technical skills that are needed for the planning, execution, and analysis of statistical studies;
  • to train university and college instructors and to prepare them for PhD studies in statistics and related areas;
  • to strengthen the teaching, research, and community engagement capacity of the department and the university.

Admission Requirements
In addition to satisfying university-wide graduate admission requirements, a Bachelor degree in Statistics or a closely related field from any recognized university is highly recommended to apply as candidates to this program. Those students whose background is different from Statistics should expect that additional undergraduate and/or graduate coursework may be required to complete the program. Remedial courses may be given to these students. Such candidates are required to achieve an overall average grade of B (without D and F) before they join the M.Sc program in Statistics.  Those who come from statistics background may also be advised to take appropriate non-statistics courses if the instructor finds them to lack basics in the area of specialization.
                            Student Profile
o   BSc program was started in 2008/9, where the first batches have graduated in 2010 and Msc program was started in 2013/14, where the first batches have graduated in 2015.
o    So far, six batches (more than 361 students of which 309 and 52 are male and female respectively) had graduated with the BSc degree program and 6 students with MSc degree in Econometrics and Biometry.
o   Currently, a total of 183 students (undergraduate program), where 41, 59 and 83 students at the third, second and first year, respectively and 10 students (postgraduate program) are attending the two ongoing programs.

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