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Haramaya University English Language Improvement Centre Department

Haramaya University English Language Improvement Centre – Check Below:


ELICs were established to create opportunities to equip candidate teachers with appropriate teaching skills and language proficiency by arranging training programmes. Such support is being offered as per the need assessment they conduct. ELICs serve as resource centres and establish different clubs to provide exposure for better learning and communication in English. They also deliver different training to build capacity of English language instructors, academic, administrative and support staff, university students, and community school pupils.
The English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP) was established in 2002 to help raise the standard of English in Ethiopia through the provision of language improvement courses for the country’s primary and secondary school teachers. The programme changed in 2009 to become the English Language Quality Improvement Programme (ELQIP). It is led by a team based in the Ministry of Education, Addis Ababa.
A recent major shift in focus has turned toward setting up ELICs in primary and secondary schools. The main ELIC base will remain in the university/education institution but reaching community schools, teacher-training programmes, and providing resources will be a necessary activity for all ELICs. This is in the development stage of becoming a Ministry of Education national directive.


The objective of the English Language Quality Improvement Programme (ELQIP) is for the country to have competent, self-reliant, innovative and committed teachers and students at all levels of education; across Ethiopia, children and young people will be learning English and learning through English, in an environment conducive to their success – with competent and enthusiastic teachers, an effective curriculum and quality resources.

ELIC REPORT : 2011~12 – Semester I
    1. Evening Tutorials for Fresh Students:

HU ELIC continues to offer evening and weekend tutorials to 1,000 fresh students. In previous years, funding for this programme came via GEQIP through the College of Education and Behavioural Science. However, since GEQIP budget no longer provides for non-teacher training programmes, ELIC has looked elsewhere for funding. This is the first year that this activity has been entirely funded by HU Gender Directorate. ELIC greatly appreciates this and hopes that HU will continue to internally fund this programme.
Semester I tutorials focus on Communicative English and Semester II on Basic Writing Skills. Tutors are selected from the School of Foreign Language Studies.

    1. Teacher Training/Mentoring/National Volunteering Programme:

VSO volunteers (Gary White and Jenny Conway) applied for the annual VSO small Grant and designed a specially prepared programme. It was decided that teacher training from ELIC and CPD could be offered to a select group of teachers from Model and Bate schools; mentoring skills and assertiveness training to 40 female HU students by Gender Directorate; and Big Sister/mentoring of Model and Bate school female pupils. This on-going training has proved to be a great success and we are currently proposing that the University institutionalise the programme as an annual training.

    1. English Club Activities:

ELIC and English Club continue to work closely together to promote English language proficiency on campus. English Club executive committee took part in welcoming first year students. After elections to appoint new members to the executive committee, a movie night was organised in the Auditorium in November. The night was a great success and over 400 students enjoyed the event. English Club regularly organizes Movie Nights, Debate Nights and Literature competitions.

    1. IELTS Training:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) training is delivered toward the end of Semester II for 30 interested staff members. Most of the participants will be applying for PhDs and scholarships and will need to pass the IELTS test to be accepted. ELIC delivers a straightforward preparation training which last two days and includes a manual and certificate of participation.

    1. EAJS Language Editing:

ELIC Advisor language edits articles before publication in the East African Journal of Science.

    1. Hippocampus

ELIC contributes regularly to the Hippocampus newspaper with articles reviewing literature, promoting ELIC activities, and suggesting ideas to the editorial team.

    1. Model School

Each Wednesday, Model School’s English Club meets at lunch time. There are currently over 40 members. Lessons are designed to be educational and fun. We have started running activities on Friday afternoons, including a movie and a sports day.


ELIC plans to establish a self-access centre (SAC) with 20 desktop computers for student and staff use. We are currently in negotiation with a British IT company for free English language software.
Next year, we will continue our current programmes and maintain an active presence in the community and local schools especially. ELIC will also be offering more direct training to administrative staff starting with a course designed for secretarial staff.

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