Semera University SU Examination 2022 – 2023

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Semera University SU Examination 2022 – 2023

Semera University SU Examination 2022 – 2023 – Check Below:

  • There is final examination in each course, depending on the nature of the course for which the student has registers (May pot be applicable for practical oriented courses).
  • The instructor of the course is the primary authority with respect to a student’s proficiency and final grade in that course. A student shall not receive a passing mark without taking examination(s).
  • Each student must present his/her identification card to the invigilator before each examination. A student without an ID card shall not be permitted to sit for an examination.
  • Books. Exercise books, papers, calculating machines, etc. shall not be taken to examination halls unless permitted by the instructor of the course.
  • Any one of the following shall be interpreted as an act of violation of examination regulations in an examination or any other graded exercise and shall have direct consequences on the marking or grading of all kinds of examination papers, term papers, projects or senior essay and on the determination of academic status of students:
    • Copying from pieces of paper or any other source of information brought into an exam hall where such material is not specifically permitted;
    • Using mobile phones for any purpose in the examination hall
    • Smoking in examinations halls
    • Working on or being found in possession of exam papers other than one’s own;
    • Exchanging information in the exam room in oral, symbolic, written or any other means such as mobile phones where these are not specifically permitted;
    • Making use of someone else’s work, or parts thereof, without acknowledging the same and with deliberate intent to represent such material as one’s own;
    • Sitting for an examination in a course for which one has not been registered;
    • Taking an examination by proxy, i.e. through a secondary party;
    • Submitting a work or works for which it can clearly be established that the work or part thereof is not produced by the student claiming authorship or production;
    • Disorderly conduct in an exam hall, including refusal to accept and abide by instructions given by the invigilator;
    • Engaging in any other act that is deemed inappropriate to the smooth and fair conduct of the examination;
    • Being caught in the act of avoiding to sign attendance sheets in an examination or trying to leave examination rooms without submitting answer sheets in ways that could lead to claiming absence from the hall;
  • Cheating in an examination is absolutely forbidden
    • If a student is found cheating in an examination for the first time, the result of that exam or work becomes zero and the dean of the faculty shall warn the student in writing;
    • If the cheating is accompanied by disorderly conduct, the Academic Commission could decide on the outright dismissal for good of the student involved.
    • If the same student is found cheating for the second time, he/she will be suspended for at least one academic year.
    • If the same student is found cheating for the third time, he/she will be dismissed for good from the University.
    • The decisions along with the name(s) of the student(s) will be posted by the Registrar’s Office on the notice board for information to the university community.
  • The case of student who do not sit for continuous assessments but continues classes shall be resolved by the instructor of the course in consultation with the Department Head. The student must present evidence for his/her absence from examination. However, an instructor can not convert any examination result (i.e. quizzes, tests, assignments,etc.) to a 100% for a student who did not take the final examination.
  • All students should be seen their corrected examination papers.
  • At the beginnings of each examination schedule for a certain course, students are required to write down their names in the attendance sheet provided; Semera University SU Examination

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