Semera University Online Registration Date 2022 – 2023

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Semera University Online Registration Date 2022 – 2023

Semera University Online Registration Date 2022 – 2023 – Check Below:

After admission and placement students collect cost sharing (Only for regular undergraduate degree students) forms from their department and Admission Application forms from respective record officer and fills out the forms.
The Application forms require:-
  1. Student’s bio-data and signature
  2. 5 passport photos (full name in block letter should be written at the back of each photo),
  3. Copies of Preparatory School Transcript and University Entrance Examination Certificate (EHEECE) (MoE normally sends these after students get assigned to different universities).
  4. On successful completion of admission, student receives registration form to fill in
  5. Student registers for the full program
This assumes the student is already admitted or readmitted to a program.
  • For each program, Department publishes list of courses for students to register on.
  • Department submits or posts in writing the names of instructors assigned as advisors for each batch of students
  • Student collects registration forms from departments/faculty unit and fills out 3 copies based on published list (this may not be the final list for a student with add & drop; some courses may be added or dropped at the ‘add & drop’ stage);
  • Registration form is signed by student and then submitted to respective record officer.
  • Faculty Record Officers check each student’s status from student’s grade report or previous semester’s master sheet): if no dismissal, student can continue to the next semester;
  • If successfully completed, the Faculty Record officer puts an officials stamp:
    • reading “Registered” and date of registration on the forms for new students, and
    • reading “Renewed” & date of renewal on student’s ID for senior Students (date of registration on the ID of new entrants);
Identity Card

A student registered at the university shall be issued a non-transferable identification card with a unique and a permanent Identity Number. The card which is a very valuable document requiring careful handling is the passport to services and facilities of the University. The ID Number, which should appear on every student documents, is required every time the student requests for university services, even after graduation.
Identification cards are given to every new student and these cards must be

  1. renewed each regular, evening or in-service session
  2. returned to the university registrar when the student withdraw or graduates

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