Semera University Midwifery Department

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Semera University Midwifery Department

Semera University Midwifery Department – Check Below:

Department Of Midwifery

Dear Graduates, I would like to congratulate you and your beloved families on the occasion your graduation day. This graduation day is a day of your achievement and successes. It brings a great pleasure to you as well as to all those who have contributed a lot to your success.
Dear Graduates, after hard work, you have completed your study successfully. You should be proud of yourself for being successful in your study. I believe that you have gained from your dedicated instructors the necessary knowledge and skill, which give you basic support in your future career.
Dear Graduates, let me tell you briefly about midwifery department which is one of the four departments in health Science College of Samara University. The department, which was launched in 2005E.C. in 2006E.C. academic year the department hosts 88 under graduate students. The department is also strengthening its human capacity. Currently there are 13 staffs where 10 of them are on duty and the remaining 3 staffs are instructors who are attending their post graduate education in Ethiopian universities. Among 10 staffs that are on duty, 7 of them are instructors and the remaining 2 and 1 are technical support and administrative support staffs respectively.
In addition to teaching- learning activities, the department is currently conducting research and rendering different community services. The department strongly believes in team work to achieve its mission. Thus, it is working with different governmental and non-governmental organization. The department is strengthening its manpower capacity through trainings skill laboratories and other facilities through donation. Moreover, the department is also contributing its share in the realization of basic health care services delivery plan of the region.
In the coming Ethiopian academic year, the department is planning to expand new and further strengthen the existing clinical and community practice sites. Moreover, it is also planning to engage more on community service and is also considering the construction of teaching hospital.
Generally, the department is working to realize its 2030 vision which is “Be the leading midwifery department in pastoral and agro- pastoral community health development in East Africa by 2030.”
Mr. Mohammed Abdu
   Head, department of midwifery
              Phone; 0913487020
             Reg A Office no; 13

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