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Message from the Dean
It is my pleasure for inviting you to visit the websites of college of social science and Humanities to access and share update information regarding our college.The overall view of the college including Historical background, Vision, Mission, programmes and information regarding department are detailed for your information hereunder. And, Finally, the college gently invites you to all, to visit our websites by making time in your busy schedule to keep informed about our gorgeous programmes and departments timely communication regarding valuable information.
Historical background of the college
The college of social science and humanities is one of the pioneer and biggest college among the others in Mizan-Tepi University (Mizan campus). The college was restructured in its present form commencing 1999E.C with 3 departments during its establishment (History, English and Geography). Currently, the college has nine (9) departments hosting large number of students. The nine departments are mosaic of different disciples that they have strong affiliation towards the community and producing competent young scholars that solve the societal problems at large and excel in the global or national job markets.
In order to realize its visions and missions in a manner compatible with university´┐Żs shared visions and missions, the college of social science is doing its best in the area of learning-teaching, researches and community services endeavors efficiently and diligently.
In addition to the undergraduate programmes’, having the done the titanic preparation, the college is now on the verge of opening postgraduate programme that will be launched in the 2016/17 academic year.
Since its birth, the college is striving to meet the required staff profile through different staff development plan so that the college has currently large number of PhD and MA/M.sc academic staff on study leave both abroad and in country Universities.
The college centrally offers trainings like HDP, Induction and ELC to other staff members of the college for enhancing quality education and normalization of learning-teaching environment particularly for those newly joined instructors. On top of this, the college is center of training for other college students for the fact that almost all common courses are centrally administered by the college of social science.
The college doing its best to build well equipped laboratory facilities despite the challenges hampering its endeavors. The college has well established GIS and Remote sensing lab, Computer training lab, and ELC labs that aid teaching more lively.
Gossa Asnake (MA – in History)
Dean, College of Social Science & Humanities
E-Mail: gossa1998@gmail.com
Telephone: +251 47 13 50 082 (Office)
+251 0913 242204 (Mobile)


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