Mettu University Mid wifery Department

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Mettu University Mid wifery Department

Mettu University Mid wifery Department – Check Below:


The first Midwifery School, which has provided full-fledged midwifery training, was later opened in Gondar University as a post basic training program by the Ministry of Health. Today, though many midwifery schools are opened in various regions of Ethiopia and rendering midwifery training, there is huge gap between trained midwifery human power and the increasing demand of the society, indeed it is the current central core issue of the Ethiopian government health policy targeted program.


Midwifery B.Sc. program is originated in response to the need of country which is more community oriented, competent, gender sensitive and request of leaders in the health care system for graduate level in educational field. Focusing on the need of generic learners, the goal of the program is to provide a positive and supportive learning environment, preparing the professional midwives in the art and science of midwifery, meeting the social need for safe and competent midwives.


Midwives contribute tremendously in preventing the death of human and in ensuring the health and continuation of the human race all across the world. Quality midwifery services that are coordinated and integrated within communities and within the health system ensure that a continuum of essential care can be provided through out pregnancy, child birth and beyond. Midwifery services should ensure timely and appropriate referrals of mothers and newborns from home or health centre to the hospitals whenever they occur.

 Mettu University Midwifery Department

Mettu University is among the newly emerged Ethiopian higher education institution established in 2004EC with aiming to fulfill the country’s goal concerning human resource in quantity and quality. Midwifery Department was opened in 2005EC under Faculty of Public Health and Medical Sciences  enrolling 52 students for BSc Midwifery training program.


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