Mettu University Geography Department

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Mettu University Geography Department

Mettu University Geography Department – Check Below:

This program is one of the seven programs that constitute the faculty of social sciences and Humanities. Geography is concerned with the spatial dimension of Geographic phenomena and interconnection of humans and environment. Studying geography is promoting sensitivity for our neighbors, society and the world. It also enables us to understand the spatial pattern, to adopt and manipulate physical environment with wise decisions and to solve geographical problems in daily lives.
The relationship between man and environment has been the most important concern of Geography since its early days of development as a modern academic discipline where the discipline examines the interaction of man-environment, and their dynamics in space and time at different magnitudes. Geography does not only bridge the physical and the social sciences, it also synthesizes their mutual spectrum through its core thrust which naturally exists. Although the concern of Geography with the human and environmental resource is strong as stated above, academic understanding of the disciplines has often been different and distorted.
Geography and Environmental Studies covers different areas and comprises many branches. The method of scientific study has taken a full control of scope and study of Geography and Environment. The discipline has responsibility in creating citizens that can take care of the resource, environment and well being of the society for sustainable development. The study of geography and Environmental studies is quite useful in conducting research and investigates the relationship of resources, environment and human activities from different dimensions. Now in the study of geography and environmental Studies is the adjustment of human beings with the physical and natural environment will be treated in depth.
In addition to addressing issue of human, resource and environment, the discipline equips geographers with updated principles and theories which could make them competent in their work environment. It also gives remedial solutions to problems associated with planning, pollution, droughts, development and the like. Therefore, having proper knowledge in Geography and Environmental Studies will mitigate the problems that the world faces currently.
People who have spatial and ecological perspectives can appreciate and make use of information of world issues and build good relationship with physical environment. Therefore, geographic knowledge and skills help in developing our economy, to use resources more efficiently and keep the environment in good manner.
The department of Geography and Environmental Studies in Mettu University was launched in 2012 by 35 summer students and 2012/13 by 50 regular students having four masters’ holder instructors. Currently in 2014/15 the department has 120 regular students and 106 summer students. The department has also five lecturers and one PhD candidate. The department is playing a great role in producing qualified professionals in geography and environmental studies, conducting research on the selected and critical problems of the community and giving community service on contemporary geographic issues.

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