Dilla University Natural Resources Management Department

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Dilla University Natural Resources Management Department

Dilla University Natural Resources Management Department – Check Below:

Department of Natural Resources Management
In Wolkite University was established in 2012 to produce equipped and enhanced natural resources management professionals with adequate competence and technical knowledge of Natural Resources Management.
Objectives of the Department

  • Producing qualified and competent man power in the field of Natural Resources Management.
  • Undertaking demand oriented and problem solving research.
  • Enable students to understand and comprehend problems in Natural Resources Management and search for solutions through research, extension and management aspects of natural resources.
  • Provide technical advices, consultancy services and tailored short term trainings to development agents and other stakeholders working in natural resource and environmental and environmental management areas.
  • Integrate teaching-research activities with extension activities so as to extend and disseminate new improved technologies.
  • Establish partnership with related development partners to promote sustainable NRM.
  • Designing technologies for conservation and wise utilization of the biodiversity and biodynamic natural resources of the country.

The Department of Natural Resources Management aspires to be among the leading departments of Natural Resources Management and center of excellence in Enset, Coffee and Avocado fruits in Ethiopia by 2020.

  • Offering high quality education and training,
  • Conducting demanddriven and problem solving research and consultancy.

Graduates Profile
Graduates of the Natural Resources Management program will have the skill and knowledge to:

  • Participate in the study and inventory programs on forest, soil, water, wildlife, fish and other related resources.
  • Evaluate, monitor and asses reforestation, conservation and management.
  • Regularly maintain and perform environmental impact assessments.
  • Adopt integrated water shade management approaches.
  • Apply modern tools and techniques in management of Natural Resources and environmental protection
  • Teach courses, design and conduct trainings in the areas of natural resources.
  • Manage government and private enterprises, teaching and research institutions/organizations endowed in natural resource management aspects and relevant issues.
  • Be entrepreneurs.

Program Structure and Duration
The program has 13 modules and 43 courses offered in 3 years (6 semesters)/full time. Most of the modules will be finalized within 2 semesters while some took only a semester. One module consists one to five courses. The program encompasses major and supportive (common) courses.
Admission requirements

  • To be admitted for B.Sc. program in Natural Resources Management, candidates should complete preparatory education in Natural Science section and must pass the entrance examination.
  • Applicants for summer and extension programs should have diploma in the field of Natural Resources Management, Plant Sciences and other related fields from recognized institutions and can be enrolled based on the university’s requirements and academic polices.

Graduation requirements

  • Successful completion of all courses.
  • Cumulative average (CGPA) of 2.00 and above, and
  • No “F” grade in any course taken.

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