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Debre Tabor University Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science

Debre Tabor University Faculty of Agriculture – Check Below:

  1. Background

The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is one of the six faculties/colleges in Debre Tabor University. It was established in 2011 together with the University.
So far the faculty celebrated its students’ graduation twice, every year since 2014. A total of 257 students are graduated since then. In this academic calendar 710 regular BSc students are enrolled in three departments.

  1. Departments

The curriculum of the faculty is the National Harmonized Curriculum catered for producing graduates in BSc.  Currently, the faculty is running 3 BSc programs in regular programs under three departments.  The three departments are outlined below:

  • Department of Animal Sciences

Head: Lemma Gulilat
Undergraduate Academic Program: Animal Science

  • Department of Plant Science

Head: Abraha Arefaine
Undergraduate Academic Program: Plant Science

  • Department of Natural Resources Management

Head: Berhanu Debela
Undergraduate Academic Program: Natural Resource Management

  1. Academic Staff Profile (updated on Jan, 2016)
    TA     BSc    MSc
Department M F M F M F
Animal Sciences 3 9 1
Plant Sciences 2 10 2
Natural Resource Management 1 2 15
Total 1 7 34 3 45
  1. Research and Community Service

As part of the mandates of the University, the staffs of the faculty are undertaking different research activities. Some of the research activities are:
Animal Science

  • Farta sheep breed improvement
  • Animal feed evaluation

Plant Science

  • Plant pathology
  • Rice Value chain
  • Barley seed maintenance

Natural Resource Management

  • Irrigation
  • Agro-forestry
  • Wetland

Community services:
The faculty staff members are engaged in different community services including providing trainings to farmer, on-farm demonstrations of improved technologies and improved seed multiplications, natural resource conservation practices, providing exotic male animal for natural mating.

  1. Students Admission and Profile

The admission requirement for regular BSc students in the faculty is based on the admission requirement set by Ethiopian Higher Institution admission. Currently, around 710 BSc students are registered in the regular program.

  1. Partnerships:

The faculty is working in partnerships with local and international partners like World Vision and Agro Big and working together with other institutions like Woreta ATVET College and looking forward to form a partner with sister institutions.
Contact Address:
Debre Tabor University                                                              Dean: Melaku Menale
Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences                E-mail:
P.O.Box 272
Debre Tabor

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