Debre Markos University Biology Department 

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Debre Markos University Biology Department 

Debre Markos University Biology Department  – Check Below:

Biology department is one of the seven departments in the natural and computational college and currently the department has 35 staff members (29 teachers,4 lab technicians and 1 secretary) of which three are attending their second degree in abroad and  11 are on steady leave for their PhD inside the country. It is to be recalled that our government has given a special emphasis to science and technology education on its 70:30 mix policy. This implies our department has to enroll larger number of students in the coming years in both first and second degree by ensuring quality of education, improving our teaching learning process, improving and maintaining our laboratories and establish new ones, conduct standard researches and community services. To achieve these goals, we need to work hard in department and across departments and colleges to improve quality of education, research and community service deliveries for the people we came from and waiting us for the better solution.
The department strives to provide innovative programs in regular, extension and summer in both undergraduate and post undergraduate programs with the intention of preparing students to be active players in the increasingly sophisticated scientific and technological world. The department plays a leadership role in preparing its students with the fundamental scientific and quantitative proficiencies critical to quality education.
The mission of Biology Department in Debre Markos University is;

  • Producing competent, innovative and best researchers
  • Carrying out problem solving research and,
  • Providing demand driven community services
  • Providing quality education

Biology Department at Debre Markos University aspires to be a world-class Life Science Institute in 2025

  • Academic Staff statistics
Sex BSC MSC PhD Total
Male 2 17 7 26
Female 5 2 1 8
Total 7 19 8 34
  • Administrative Staff Statistics
Sex Certificate Diploma BSC MSC PhD Total
Female 1 1
Total 1 1
  • Student statistics
Year Program Total
Regular Extension Summer
Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
Year 1 19 47 66 66
Year 2 28 55 53 53
Year 3 18 33 51 51

Department Head

Name: Kesis Bewketu Takele
Phone number: 0918053497
Email Address:
Branch Main campus
Building No 42  Room No 03

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