Debre Berhan University College Of Business & Economics

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Debre Berhan University College Of Business & Economics

Debre Berhan University College Of Business & Economics – Check Below:


Our esteemed College was opened to deliver courses in three programs in 2007 one year after the inception of Debre Birhan University. The programs in which students are streamed to attend training include Management, Accounting and Economics. Previously the title given to the college was Faculty of Business and Economics. In the year 2009/10 as a result of BPR study, the entitlement of college was given. At the present the college is rendering services for regular and extension students.


The college has begun course delivery in Economics, Management and Accounting program under the national harmonized curriculum in 2008. Modular course offering came in to being in 2010 after Module books and course guide books were prepared by the modular teams of the college and endorsed by the senate meeting to implement it starting from first year. As a result, courses are offered to 1st year and 2nd year students under the new modularized curriculum. Third year students are being taught under the old harmonized curriculum. According to the new Modular curriculum, degree award will be possible if the students in accounting obtain grades in 37 courses that account 114 credit hours, for management students 39 courses that will account to 117 credit hours for economics students 39 courses that account 120 credit hours.

Future Plan

     Masters Program

The college is making all endeavors to extend its program in the future. The imminent training program is postgraduate program in Masters of Business Administration or Economics which will be materialized in two years time. The college is also expected to admit 2500 students from 2012 onwards. Hence, the college will make all efforts to commence new undergraduate training program.

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