CPU College Vision and Mission and Core Values

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CPU College Vision and Mission and Core Values

CPU College Vision and Mission and Core Values – See Details Below:

The Colleges Foundations
CPU College is a student-centered, quality-oriented, and value-based institution of higher learning committed rigorous pursuit of academic excellence through quality assurance.
CPU is a place where the learning, development, and welfare of students are its priority. We are committed to providing the support that students are always the college’s principal of concern.
Quality of teaching and learning is at the core foundation of CPU. National and internal quality standards will not be compromised at any cost. Teaching-learning infrastructures will be standardized and maintained to ascertain the quality of education.
CPU College is committed to adding value in the integration and application of information technology in business-related fields of studies. We will work to reinforce the national skilled human power with graduates capable of understanding, creating and applying modern information technology and computer science in their lifetime career. Besides, to realize our vision, we will create a teaching environment whereby our students will contribute further to our country’s national development.
The Colleges commitment:
CPU College is committed to excellence, innovation, and advanced technology
CPU College seeks to achieve the level of performance and became center of excellence in mid-level and high-level training programs in information technology and business fields of studies.
CPU, in relation to its current programs and activities, encourages the development of new initiatives and opportunities, the discovery of new technologies, and the development of alternative systems in education.
CPU College recognizes the importance of technology in education and instruction and seeks to maintain the technological environment in its academic and administrative branches.
Core Values
Academic Freedom

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