Bahir Dar University Online Student Information

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Bahir Dar University Online Student Information

Bahir Dar University Online Student Information – Check Below:
This System is launched for Students to access their:

  • Courses:- all courses in his/her Curriculum
  • Academic Status:- detail academic status starting from year 1, semester 1….,
  • Grades:- Detail about taken courses, exempted courses, waived courses,…
  • Dormitory placement
  • Academic Calendars and
  • Other important information

Login Guideline:
In order to see your detail result, first you must login. The login link is located at the Right Section /above the Online Users Section/.
When the log in screen is displayed, you must enter your user name and password. Refer the following example table on how to use your id number and your Grandfather name as your user name and initial password respectively.

Student’s Father Full Name Student ID User Name will be Temporary password Remark
Getahun Abebe BDU0800343UR BDU0800343UR abebe1234abcd# All characters in the temporary Password are  in small letter.
Belay Moges ENGR/3421/2002 ENGR/3421/2002 moges1234abcd#
Sahre Jemal BDU0801234PR BDU0801234PR jemal1234abcd#
Abebe Mamo BDU0504341UD BDU0504341UD mamo1234abcd#
Gashaw Taye BDU0504678UDI BDU0504678UDI taye1234abcd#

As soon as you log in, the system will ask you to change your temporary password before accessing any resource that needs your identity. Therefore, you have to fill the new password and other requested information properly. The new password should not be less than 7 characters.
If you are unable to log in, please ask your concerned registrar office….because your id number and/or grandfather name may not be encoded correctly….Remember what you fill in the biography form…
If you have any difficulties, you can contact the concerned Registrar using the following Phone number

No Contact Name Position College /Faculty ….. Contact Phone
1. Mr. Zewudu Tsegaye Registrar and Alumni Management Directorate Director Main Registrar 0946795700
/ 0582205934
2. Taddess Mulu Registrar and Alumni Management Directorate  Team Leader Main Registrar 0918144717
3. Issa Abdi Registrar Head Freshman
Main Registrar
4. Tadesse M. Faculty Registrar Head Faculty of Social Science 0918144717
5. Bewuket T. Faculty Registrar Head Faculty of Humanities 0918780278
6. Worku K. Faculty Registrar Head Faculty of Educational and Behavioral Sciences 0962919904
7. Fikir Gebeyaw College Registrar Head College  of Medical and Health Science 0588303660
8. Esubalew Sendekie Academy Registrar Head Sport Academy 0918707467
9. Areadom  Hagos College Registrar Head College  of Business and Economics 0918766838
10. Tenaw Addis School Registrar Head School of law 0913352143
11. Tenaw Addis Institute Registrar Head Institute  of land Administration 0913352143
12. Gizachew Iyassu College Registrar Head College  of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences 0918003830
13. Fiker Ebabu College Registrar Head College  of Science 0918008191
14. Zelalem Adane EiTex Registrar Head Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology 0912181241
15. Mr. Zemenu Endalamaw BiT Registrar Head Bahir Dar Institute of Technology 0975159269 / 0582264060
16. Melkamu Demewez Faculty Registrar Head Faculty Of Civil and Water Resource Engineering 0935705971
17. Yonas Ayana Faculty Registrar Head Faculty Of Computing 0941683313
18. Minyahil Tanashu Faculty Registrar Head Faculty Of Electrical and Computer Engineering 0929401957
19. Hanna Deribew Faculty Registrar Head Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering 0918720175
20. Senait Tadesse Faculty Registrar Head Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 0911014516

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