Bahir Dar University M.Sc in Textile Chemistry Program

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Bahir Dar University M.Sc in Textile Chemistry Program

Bahir Dar University M.Sc in Textile Chemistry Program – Check Below:

The Master of Science in Textile Chemistry program aims to train students in the field of advanced fibre science and Textile chemical processing. The program focuses particularly in manmade fibers and advances in chemical processing technologies like pretreatment operation, coloration, dyeing and functional finishing of a variety of textile materials & chemicals. Ffurther, it equips skills on analysis of chemicals structure and their interaction with different textile materials and  process using the state of art equipments and instruments which needs well-familiar personnel with the latest knowledge of materials, equipments, processes and testing procedures.

The program is also integrated with management principles so that the graduates can work at higher levels of management to make strategic decisions which is highly relevant to many of the wet processing, textile chemicals & dyestuffs manufacturing industries, as well as environmental related and chemicals research organizations.

Key role areas:

  •  Capable to transfer knowledge and skill in textile chemistry & process technology
  •  Implement Basic and Applied Research works to analyze  chemical interactions
  • Conduct techno-economic studies to establish  new and modernization  projects
  • Setting up of textile chemical processing  plant and related industries
  • Engage in the revival of sick and environmentally pollutant  industrial units;
  •  Improvement in productivity, quality and cost reduction.
  • New Product Design and Development in technical textiles
  •  Interact effectively with experts of other disciplines

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