Arba Minch University School of Law

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Arba Minch University School of Law

Arba Minch University School of Law – Check Below:
Department of law of Arba Minch University has a mission of offering relevant, efficient  and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering efficient community services.
According to the Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 and its own charter (Council of Ministers Charter Regulation No 235/2011), AMU is mandated to establish, organize and determine the status, functions and responsibilities of academic units, and close down any of them when the University finds it appropriate. Accordingly, department of law is established to function as an academic unit under college of social science and humanities. The department is also mandated to:

  • Design and implement undergraduate and graduate programmes and short-term training in accordance with the needs of the university;
  • Publish and disseminate research works as well  as hold discussion forums to deliberate upon the result;
  • Establish and run academic journals and newsletters;
  • Upgrade the qualifications of its academic staff and enhance continuously their professional competency;
  • Contribute specially to the institutional capacity building of other public and non-profit -making private institutions, including the upgrading of the qualifications of their academic status;
  • Provide consultancy services to governmental and non-governmental organizations,  and the community;
  • Cooperate with the Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate on  relevance of education and quality matters;
  • Carry out such other activities that accord with its objectives and the mission, vision and objectives of the university.


The department of law aspires to be one of the three best law schools in Ethiopia by 2020.


Department of law has taken the following core values of the university:

  • Quality:  The department of law makes quality its priority in every aspect of its activities.
  • Care for the community: The department of law is from the community and for the community. The department strives to change and solve the problems of the community.
  • Committed no matter what: The department of law keeps on working hard despite challenges because the department wants to make its future better.
  • Equality in all: The department of law treats everyone equally regardless of colour, religion, gender, disability or ethnic background in all service and resource provisions.
  • Equity in all: The department of law encourages fair access of resources and services to all groups of society; it takes sustainable affirmative action giving due focus to disadvantaged groups.
  • Valuing each other: we value, respect and appreciate each other’s ideas and contributions to the growth and transformation of the department.
  • Creativity Culture: The department of law makes innovation, adoption, adaptation and transfer of knowledge in its every walk of life.
  • Democratic thinking: The department of law values freedom of expression, rule of law, transparency and accountability in every aspect of its endeavours. It promotes the culture of participatory decision making.
  • Recognition: The department values, respects and appreciates ideas and contributions to the growth and transformation of the department and the university

Arba Minch University (AMU) is one of the well-established universities found in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State (SNNPRS). It is located at Arba Minch town, 500 km South of Addis Ababa. The main campus of the university is situated at the eastern foot of Gamo mountain ranges and adjacent to the vast low land stretching towards Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo which form part of the East African Rift Valley. The spectacular features of these twin Rift Valley lakes, Abaya and Chamo, impart a picturesque view to the University as it is viewed from the main campus hills. The Lakes are essential components of the area in view of socio-economic value and ecological diversity. Two of its newly established campuses are named after these two lakes while the third new campus is named after one of the wonderful national parks of the country – Nech Sar. The gifted land of the South offers a huge opportunity to the University to venture into new territories of education, research and development.
Currently, the University comprises of five colleges and the institute. Department of law is one of the departments hosted in Chamo campus under college of social science and humanities. It was established in 2010 to train legal professionals and assist the development endeavor of the country.
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