Arba Minch University Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences

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Arba Minch University School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences

Arba Minch University Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences – Check Below:

In 2004, ‘Faculty of Education’, presently rechristened as School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences (SPBS) came into being when Arba Minch Institute of Water Technology got scaled up as Arba Minch University. Its objective was to train educators (from social and natural sciences), planners, managers and development workers and achieved tremendous development since its origin till 2010.

Then the teacher training policy was changed and ‘Faculty of Education’ got bifurcated into College of Social Science & Humanities and College of Natural Sciences. And two departments especially Pedagogical Sciences and Psychology were hosted by the former and both continued under it till 2016. The department of Psychology in particular was established in June 2010, and it’s these two departments which paved the way for SPBS’ establishment on October 2016.

From the beginning, SPBS focuses on teaching-learning, short and long-term trainings pertaining to teachers’ professional development, behavior-centric activities, research and community services.

Since establishment, SPBS has achieved a lot in terms of structuring and recruiting appropriate personnel, expanding UG and Master programs, educational outreach and likely to do more in the years to come.

Here, the teaching-learning process is designed in accordance with the Higher Education Proclamation, characterized by integrated classrooms, cooperative learning and supported by available instructional technologies. Its student-centric that promotes active learning and critical thinking as it works for placements, organizes seminars and manages internship.

School is also striving hard to ensure quality education by stimulating problem-solving and demand-driven research, carry out community services, establish libraries with latest books and journals, etc. the task is overwhelming yet we believe in reaching there in due course!


School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences aspires to be a leading educational institute in the region and across Ethiopia in education by enhancing equity, relevance and quality in education at all levels by 2025.


School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences has a mission of offering quality education, conducting demand-driven researchers on education & behavior, rendering community services and empowering graduates with required knowledge and apt skills to be exemplary in the field.


The objective of the school is to produce qualified professionals in the fields of education and psychology to serve society and offer their expertise to university and surrounding community.


  • Produce competent teachers, administrators, counselors and researchers
  • Contribute to the nation’s effort to enhance quality of education
  • Design, revise and harmonize curricula of different academic programs
  • Provide short and long-term educational and psychological trainings
  • Conduct problem-solving and demand-driven researches
  • Implement post-graduate diploma in teaching program for school teachers
  • Implement post-graduate diploma in school leadership program for school leaders
  • Render community services in the area of educational and psychological sciences
  • Run undergraduate and Master programs in the field of education and psychology
  • Liaise for university on projects & programs of local, regional, national and international organizations working the areas of education
  • Improve English language through short-term and long term trainings
  • Organize psychological service center to cater to students and community’s needs
  • Establish psychological demonstration lab, disability resource center for students
  • Work with schools, woreda, zonal and regional education bureaus, Govt. and NGOs

Students’ statistics

School has 423 students, who are pursuing different programs

Arba Minch University School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences Courses Offered

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