Aksum University Tourism and Hotel Management Department

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Aksum University Tourism and Hotel Management Department

Aksum University Tourism and Hotel Management Department – Check Below:
About the program

    1. Rationale of the Program

The hospitality industry is growing rapidly, and the need for well-trained, capable managers is quite high. As the case can be crystal clear it is only Hawassa University that took the initiative to start administering this program and graduated two batches so far. Hitherto this program is being run by Hawassa University only. The Hotel Management program prepares students for Management careers in all facets of the hospitality industry so as to address the need of professionals of the industry’s labor market. The rationales for launching the program are cited as follows:

  1. The industry is continuously growing and hence it needs the availability   of Professionals who can cater for the need of the industry.
  2. The nation will have competent academicians who will work for the growth of the hospitality industry and also, as a spillover effect, its counterpart-tourism industry.
  3. Training exposure and an opportunity to give education to interested parties and hoteliers.
  4. Stake holders will benefit from the research outputs that are to be carried out by staffs of the department.
  5. Combating with macroeconomic problem of the nation by reducing unemployment.
    1. Program Objectives

1.2.1General objectives

The main objective of the BA degree program is to  impart  all  the due  knowledge, skills, attitudes, professionalism and  personality  through classroom instruction, practical lab training and industry exposure, whereby students will become competent managerial  work  force  in   the  industry.

1.1.1.Specific Objectives

  • To produce competent professionals in hotel Management who can advice decision makers and business planners in the industry.
  • To produce specialists trained in hotel Management who will advocate the practice of professionalism and ethics in the field.
  • To produce graduates who will tackle problems pertinent to the industry.
  • To augment the nation’s capacity of undertaking research on the diverse aspects of the industry.
  • To produce competent and skillful management personnel for hotel industry who can hold different management positions.
  • To produce entrepreneurs who can create and manage small businesses within the Hotel industry.
  • To conduct research and provide consultancy services so as to enhance the development of the sector.
    1. Professional profile

Graduates of the Hotel Management are equipped with the knowledge and skills in the area of Food & Beverage Preparation, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Business and Management studies areas. Generally፣ the Hotel Management program provides students with the opportunity to pursue career in hospitality industry. Up on the successful completion of the program, graduates will become competent workforce in the different sectors of the economy. Mention can be said of:

  • General Manager, Director of rooms division, Executive housekeeper, Front office manager, Director of sales and marketing.
  • Public and private sector Managers in standard Hotels, Restaurants and Lodges.
  • Meeting manager, Banquet manager, convention service planners and managers.
  • Marketing analysis and planning in the hospitality industry.
  • Financial accounting in the hospitality industry.
  • Institutional Food and Beverage Service managers.
  • Cater operators and Managers for airlines, shipping lines, and tourism centers and the like.
  • Assistant vegetable cook, pastry cook, sauce cook, Roast cook, cold kitchen and relief cook.
  • Consultants in hospitality industry.
  • Any customer-focused organisation, given the transferable skills & business taught on the course.
  • There are also opportunities to become an entrepreneur and start their own business.
  1. Graduate Profile

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel Management will get detailed knowledge and skills in the area of Hotel Management. The program provides students with the opportunity to pursue career in Hospitality industry. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Plan, manage and market hospitality sector services and products.
  1. Undertake Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) entrepreneurship activity by their own in the hotel and tourism sector.
  2. Effectively deal with financial aspects and (personnel) administration of institutions and facilities in the sector.
  3. Undertake relevant operational and marketing research.
  4. Train and teach others in hospitality studies especially in the hotel sector for medium and high level training institutions.
  5. Provide consultancy services in the hospitality sector.
  6. Organize and structure each department and sections of hotels.
  7. Supervise food and beverage preparation and service vicinities in hotels and other hospitality establishments.
  8. Serve guests to the maximum care and comfort.
  9. Plan and manage function catering at larger scales.
  10. Manage and control catering purchases and utilization of resources.
  11. Analyze and interpret financial statements.
    1. Program profile
      1. Admission requirement

Applicants seeking admission to the Hotel Management program must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Students who have successfully completed the preparatory schools in business or social science stream or comparable level of school education.
  • Diploma in related fields from TVET/College and minimum of two years’ experience, successful in Center of Competence (COC) and preferably in tourism-related areas.
  • And others as per the national admissions requirements set by the ministry of Education.
  • Applicants with foreign high school education that has equivalent level to the Ethiopian high school education, as determined by the ministry of education and/or the APC, and who satisfy its entrance qualification assessments.

NB: Sponsorship or personal financial status declaration in case of adult and/or foreign students is needed.

  1. Staff Profile  (January 2017)



Area of specialization


Contact Address






BA- Hotel Management




Program Leader



BA- Hotel Management






BA- Hotel Management






BA- Hotel Management




MA  fellow



BA- Hotel Management




MA  fellow


Sunil Senai

MA-Hotel Management







MA-Hotel Management





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