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Aksum University Theatre Arts Department 

Aksum University Theatre Arts Department  – Check Below:

Background of the program

Theatre arts activities are emanated from the people .Theater is a communal activity where one or more people act out a story for an audience ,so it is fair to suggest that theater can trace its roots back to the religious ritual of prehistoric human kind. In short, the historical background tends to ritual and secular activity. Modern theatre practice puts its step stone in Greece. After time t o time the point of view of theater is broad in multi dimension.Different scholars annotated the meaning but no one put out the same. At last, different scholars depicted that Theater arts not only the reflection of the real world but also the reverse is true.In the context of Ethiopia, the starting point of modern theatre arts is about 1900 E.c. by a play called “ያውሬወችኮሜዲያመሳለቂያ/fabulla”which is written by fitawurari/ bejirond TekleHawaryat TekleMaryam. In fact until the rigime of H/Silasse it had not explained at the right way. It was not professional performance. For example, foreigner teachers practiced at school level, but not well organized.

After the withdrawal of Italians, theatre houses were built & some dramatists got an opportunity for theatre education scholarship. The reflections of professionalism signed specially, at the time 1960s.

Theatre arts are combinations of art and science. However, in Ethiopia, the common understanding of the people at the previous time different from that. Therefore, to change this misperception; it was necessary to launch the program at Addis Ababa university 1971 E.c. On the other hand the purpose of the program was to create awareness and cope up the profession as it is.

Since 1974, students were graduating at Addis Ababa University in the field of theatre arts. They were giving a lot of contribution for theatre arts profession as well. On the other hand in 2002 E.c(Mekelle),2004E.c, (Wollo)2005E.c(wulkitte)universities opened B.A program in Theatre Arts respectively.


The drastic transformation of international developmental communication strategy has changed the set of skills needed for success in the field of Theatre Arts and Film industry in the global work place.

At this time in Ethiopia, the chronic shortage of theatre professionals, the absent of film school, the uncertainty of the digital feature , above all the country’s current intricate and multifaceted socio-cultural and socio-economic problem has made the field more difficult than ever. Non professional and functional knowledge are no longer sufficient .Competitive professionals skilled through truly integrated training that marry international level art education and media industry requirement are need; Moreover, as it is known Ethiopia is in struggle to meet the millennium development goal, stage theatre and electronic media’s drama will play a great role as developmental tool through its unlimited power for collective social change. Generally, as a means to eradicate poverty and to bring sustainable development through theatre Arts and new media’s drama , professionals are needed now than ever.Therefore, it is a necessary condition for ministry of Education to open the Department of Theatre Arts in different universities of the country.

3. Program learning outcomes

3.1. General Learning outcomes:

The general Learning outcomes of the modularized BA program in theatre arts are:

Train theatre artists for playhouse and the mass media;

Train theatre professionals: dramatists, actors, directors, dramatic critics and junior researchers in the field of theatre arts; and

Train theatre  and literary experts who can serve as promoters of drama and literature.

3.2.Specific Learning outcomes

Training translators of dramatic works;

Preparing conferences on dramatic and literary productions;

providing capacity building schemes to theatre professionals and amateur artists; and enhancing the artistic and cultural awareness of the University community in general and of the University students in particular;

Training entertainment journalists

2 .Professional Profile

The theatre art professional is expected to have the following skills and responsibilities

Conducts research in the areas of theatre arts and electronic media dramas. Conduct research on traditional performing arts.

Presents theatre production;

Make a film in an international production industry’s requirement. Manage skills in theatre and film productions.

Organizes and facilitates workshops, seminars, and festivals; Criticizes, analyses and reviews TV, radio, and stage dramas; Continues professional development, updated in the field, and assimilate knowledge and skills for other.

1.Graduate Profile

A graduate of Theatre Arts Department is expected to be able to:

  • Write plays for stage; radio drama; screen media;
  • Direct plays for stage; Radio drama; screen media;
  • Acts on stage; for radio; screen plays;
  • Conduct researches in the areas of theatre, film, television &radio drama;
  • Evaluate and appreciate scripts as well as productions;
  • Conduct training on theatre, film, television& radio drama
  • Produce stage theatre ,film, television &radio drama Translate and adapt plays;
  • Produce and broadcast theatre and screen productions for mass media; and
  •  Prepare workshop on basic steps of Ethiopian traditional dance, children& youth theatre


Duration of the study

The program takes four years with eight successive semesters for students to complete their study.

Admission requirements

Students admitted directly from secondary school are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria of that year. Students placed to the college of social sciences and humanities can join the program on competitive base, and the department should prove students talent through audition and written examination.

Graduation Requirements

Students registered in the Department must take a total of 240 ECTS. A student is required to have a minimum CGPA of 2.00 upon graduation without any Fx and F grade in any of the modules/courses.

Degree Nomenclature

Upon graduation, students shall be offered a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Degree in Theatre Arts. The degree nomenclature in Amharic shall be“የአርት ባቸለር ድግሪ በ ትያትር ጥበባት”.

Academic Staff profile

The staff profiles of the THEATRE ARTS  Department are as below




Academic Rank



Mekuria Ayalew


Assistance  Lecturer



Lidya  Tesfay




Desta Fitsum

Assistance  Lecturer



Manyazewal  Getachew

Assistance  Lecturer



Jemal Seid

Assistance  Lecturer



Ashenaf i Kahsay

Assistance Lecturer



Kibrom Habtay

Assistance  Lecturer



Biruk mekonnen




Zelalem tilahun




Atakilti tesfakiross



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