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Aksum University Marketing Management Department

Aksum University Marketing Management Department – Check Below:

  1. About the Department
    1. 1. Rationale For The Program

As a result of promulgation of free market economic policy in Ethiopia since the beginning of the 1990s, the country is at crossroads where it heads towards a growing participation of the private sector in economic activities. There growth of the private sector economic activities provided that the business policy environment remains so attractive. Apart from domestic business ventures, there is also a growing tendency of attracting foreign direct investment.

To achieve the socio-economic development goals of the policy provisions, however, the performance of the private sector has to be competitive and successful. In addition to the need for successful entrepreneurship, success and performance of the private sector needs a sound marketing performance as its wing to reach the consumers of its goods and services. For a number of reasons, the supply of human power with the necessary capacity to run marketing activities of business ventures has remained low in Ethiopia. Henceforth, capacity building in terms of skilled human power capable of running the marketing activities of such growing private business sector deservers a due attention to rationalize the degree program on Marketing Management.

Marketing Management program provides the ideal preparation for a career in marketing management. The department of marketing management prepares students to qualify for and excel in careers in marketing management as well as in other professions where the theory and practices of these disciplines can be applied. Careers in marketing are expected to remain plentiful in the future, and qualified job seekers will need to have an up-to-date education that addresses current marketing trends and the factors caused by an ever-changing economy. The program combines a core education in business and focuses on specific aspects related to various careers in the field of marketing.

  1. Program Objectives
    1. General Objectives

The Program is designed to provide a learning opportunity and train prospects who would like to pursue their career in the field of “Marketing Management”. Students on this program will get an exciting opportunity to combine business knowledge with professional expertise and develop the confidence to look forward to a career to understand, create, communicate, and deliver value and satisfaction to customers.

The program is designed to provide students an in-depth understanding of how to achieve total customer satisfaction through the use of appropriate marketing skills. It is also aimed to develop flexibility, adaptability and independence to enable our graduates to cope in a rapidly changing economic, social and technological environment in an innovative way. Finally, the program aims at producing marketing professionals that can contribute a lot to the development of modern marketing practices in Ethiopia.

  1. Specific Objectives

At the end of the three-year degree program, students will be able to:

  • Familiar to the theories, concepts and models of marketing management.
  • Apply the fundamental terms, concepts and theories of contemporary marketing activities in selected marketing situations.
  • Comprehend behavior of customers that are relevant for marketing decision.
  • Carry out marketing management functions in global environment where influences flow across international borders.
  • Perform marketing research to generate market information that can facilitate effective marketing decisions.
  • Make ethical decisions with respect to marketing activities.
  • Manipulate marketing mix variables to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Contribute their own share to the development of marketing practices.
    1. Professional Profile of Marketing Management
  • Contribute to the professionalism of marketing activities in the market
  • Advise and comment on a country’s marketing policies and strategies
  • Promote social well-being through developing and implementing appropriate marketing principles
  • Develop marketing models and theories that help companies cope with the changing business environment
  • Contribute to fill/avoid the negative gap that exists in the profession’s philosophies and the actual world practice.
  • Guide the development of marketing strategies for a specific brand.
  • Direct multiple product lines at corporate level
  • esearch the market and provide important strategic information to concerned bodies
    1. Graduate profile

Graduates of B.A. in Marketing Management have the opportunity to go on to a wide range of marketing and business careers in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. As a marketing Management graduate will be able to:

  • Provide an understanding of the context, nature; role and significance of marketing activities as undertaken by marketing managers in a range of organizations by analyze basic marketing and management issues
  • Apply basic economic and accounting principles in marketing related decision making.
  • Identify key issues, write up, and present resultant marketing plan
  • Formulate marketing strategies, prepare budgets, and develop implementation plans
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data by using relevant Quantitative models for marketing decision making,
  • Identify and analyze the nature of customers‟ behavior and develop marketing program that are relevant to the needs and wants of customers
  • Design appropriate marketing mix strategies for successful marketing of agricultural products
  • Know the nature of the global marketing environment and its influences on foreign marketing operations,
  • Identify and evaluate global marketing opportunities and feasible target markets for domestically produced products in global market places.
  • Analyze the channel system and Design appropriate channels for the product distribution
  • Conduct marketing research to generate information that is useful for marketing problem solving.
  • Apply the marketing concepts, theories and tools in different social organizations.
  • Apply marketing concepts and tools in online marketing program,
  • Recruit, train and manage sales forces of an organization
  • Apply the marketing concepts, theories and tools in different service organizations.
  • Analyze and manage sales activities
  • Develop and manage product and brand program, promotional plan, and Formulate, implement and evaluate marketing strategies.
  • To identify tourism potentials of Ethiopia and apply marketing mix strategies to the tourism industry
    1. Admission Requirements
      1. For undergraduate program

Admission to all regular degree programs is based on:

  • th grade completion at least with minimum qualification to join higher education
  • Having minimum diploma in related fields and with two years work experience as an advance standing and COC certified.
  • And others as per the national admissions requirements set by the ministry of Education.
    1. For postgraduate program

To be admitted prospective applicants should meet the following requirements:

Bachelor degree (BA) in degree in marketing management or logistics and supply management, management, accounting, rural management, public administration, economics, banking, hotel and tourism management graduated from an accredited university with minimum of 2:00 CGPA OR Master degree in any field of specialization from an accredited university.

  1. Academic programs and streams


Academic program

Duration Of Study




Bachelor Degree In Marketing Management

3 years

6 years

4 years

Masters Of Art In Marketing Management

2 years

4 years

21/2 years

1.5. Staff Profile of the Department







Mussie T.


MBA (Marketing Specialization)


Leteslasie G.


MBA  (International Business)


Leake L.


MA (Marketing Management)


Simon M.


MA (Public Administration)


Solomon E.


MBA (International Business)




MBA  (Marketing Management)


Tekle G/medihin


MA  (Marketing Management)




BED (Marketing and Sales Management)


Tesfay G/michael


BA (Marketing Management)


Yemane G.


MBA (International Business)

PhD fellowship


Guesh B.


MBA (International Business)

PhD fellowship


G/Michael Tesfay


BA (Marketing Management)




BA (Marketing Management)

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