Adigrat University Natural Sciences and Computational Sciences

Adigrat University College of Natural Sciences and Computational Sciences

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The College of Natural and Computational Sciences of Adigrat University was established during November 2011 being one of the four pioneer colleges in the University. Currently, the College runs eight undergraduate degree programs in the departments of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science, and Statistics. With a total of 123 academic staff on duty, the college teaches 1282 regular students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs. The courses offered in each field of study aim to produce qualified professionals who can take up positions in various sectors to contribute their role in building competitive economy of the nation. To ensure the overall delivery of education in a standard way of achieving the desired level of competency in knowledge, skill and attitude, the college has established Quality Assurance office. Meanwhile, the college has qualified academic staff members with desired fields of specializations and it creates conducive environment for academics, research, and community service activities. It is also striving to establish standard teaching and research laboratories.
Vision of the College
The College of Natural and Computational sciences strives  to be center of excellence in producing competent and high level professionals that play critical role in research, industry and education sector.
Mission of the College
The College aspires to be engaged in providing quality education, problem solving research and community service activities with ultimate goal to improve the livelihood of the society.
Activities of the College
The College plans to integrate teaching learning process with research and community service activities to provide high quality education enabling the production of outstanding graduates of the highest caliber in undergraduate levels. It also conducts problem solving research and maintains strong link with the greater community giving much focus in improving quality of education. Since its early establishment stage, the college has been engaged in conducting research works funded from recurrent budget of the University. The identified thematic areas for research activities are:

  • Utilizing locally available natural resources
  • Industry & Energy sector
  • Health & Environmental related issues
  • Quality of Education
  • Soil and Water Quality

Moreover, community service agenda is taken as   one of the three pillar mandates of the college and it looks forward to serve the local community. So far, the activities performed and those planned in near future are:

  • Supporting local schools to improve quality of education
  • Supporting local sport clubs
  • conducting training on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs
  • Organizing Science week events
  • Supporting local schools to establish laboratories

Adigrat University Natural Sciences Contacts
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