Adigrat University ADU School of Law

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Adigrat University ADU School of Law

Adigrat University ADU School of Law – Check Below:
Adigrat University School of Law was established as a department in the summer of 2012 GC with the unwavering inspiration of the then member staff and University management. Against an established fear that the department may get it difficult to operate, due to the limitation of staffs and resources the taskforce opened up in undergraduate law degree with only two existing department members and newly recruited two Assistant Lecturers. By then, the School accepted nearly 60 regular students only. In 2016, the School encouragingly established a legal aid center indebted with many responsibilities and community service. The law school has also a plan to increase its access and outreach by opening up other new branch legal aid centers outside Adigrat. Existing Programs   Academic Programs

  1. Regular undergraduate LL.B Program under the Department of Law. The department is also in pipeline to commence an undergraduate LL.B program in the Extension admission.
  2. Legal Aid Center (established): pursuant to Standard 35 of the Reform on Legal Education & Training in Ethiopia, it is led by a Director which is commensurate to a department head. This center has already inaugurated through a workshop and is carrying the intended tasks of the School by a free and voluntary contribution of the Law school staff.
  3. Postgraduate Program /LL.M in Criminal Justice and Human Rights Law (Regular and Extension)

The School of law has a plan to establish links and collaborations with local partners such as the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Tigray Revenue and Development Authority, Eastern zone prison administration, Agazi Legal Professionals Training Center, the Tigrai Justice bureau, Tigrai Ethics, and Anticorruption Commission, International Organization for Migration and other similar stakeholders. Regarding the students under the School of law, it has more than 300 regular students and many other students are on the way to join the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Since its establishment, the department has been provided remarkable research, community service, and training. The department of law is optimistic that many of its students are competent and able to be leading professionals in their future careers. The department employs effective cooperative learning (one to five networking) and tutorial programs by mobilizing volunteer students and teachers to the better preparation and readiness of our students to the National Exit Exam. The department also supports individual and group efforts to assist junior students through tutorial programs.

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