Adigrat University ADU Department of Chemical Engineering

Adigrat University ADU Department of Chemical Engineering

Adigrat University ADU Department of Chemical Engineering – Check Below:
About Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering field is becoming an emerging field of specialization for sustainable development of world economy. Because a rapid development in consumer demand and constraints stemming from skilled man power to public concern such as questions of environment and safety is becoming a challenge of the emerging process and manufacturing industries. Chemical engineering is the profession that is needed for the conception, creation (design), operation, control, optimization, and improvement of the process industries. Examples of products that are the results of the works of chemical engineers include various chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other medicines, agrochemicals, processed foods, energy (fuels, nuclear energy, others), pulp and paper, beverages, cement, ceramics, and many others. It is the chemical engineer who is responsible for conceiving (product, process, and equipment), designing, operating, controlling, optimizing, and improving (modifying and modernizing) the industries that produce the aforementioned products and myriads of others. The profession of chemical engineering is unique among the engineering professions because of the fact that while all engineers (chemicals engineers included) use and manipulate mathematics, physics, and engineering art to solve technical problems in a safe and economical fashion, it is only the chemical engineer that uses the vast and powerful sciences of chemistry and nowadays biology in order to come up with a wide range of products for the common good of mankind. This actually makes the chemical engineer’s scope much broader than others. Chemical Engineering at Adigrat University Chemical Engineering, under the college of Engineering and Technology, has started in 2004 E.C. The Department of Chemical Engineering at AdU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In the under graduate level, the areas for specialization/streams include, but are not limited to: Process Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Food Engineering. Moreover, the department is planning to launch additional specializations/streams like, Biochemical engineering, Materials Engineering, fuels and energy in the near future. Moreover, the department launched postgraduate program in Chemical Engineering (specialization: Materials Science and Engineering and Environmental Engineering) on August 2018. The post graduate program of Chemical Engineering promotes research that is geared towards technology learning and adaptation, digestion and eventually innovation and produce skilled man power in science and technology. Furthermore, to contribute to the human capital demand of the countries industries and related institutions the continuation of the post-graduate program in the field of Chemical Engineering is imperative. Vision To see best and most motivated graduates that serve the nation and the world specially focusing on the utilization of locally available raw materials, exploring potential local research areas, exploiting potential resources, environmental protection and rehabilitation. Adigrat University ADU Department of Chemical Engineering Mission

  • To deliver quality education through practical teaching and dedicated staff which enable to produce qualified chemical engineering graduates who give paramount contributions in solving problems they face in industry and other sectors, and who are also ethically strong.
  • To assist the attainment of technology transformation and development goal set nationally through well trained chemical engineers by implementing the industry based education of target industries

 Core Values

  • Educating people with the necessary skills
  • Imparting knowledge to students at all levels including secondary, undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learning
  • Discovery of new knowledge through innovative research that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development to benefit our society
  • Inclusiveness and collaboration on a worldwide basis
  • Originality and Innovativeness; Academic freedom and integrity
  • Responsiveness, Sense of belongingness and ownership
  • Nurturing diversity and Professional ethics
  • Transparency and accountability

 Contact Info: Mebrihit G/Mariam Abraha, MSc. Head of Department Block 03 | Room 21 Adigrat University Main Campus P.O. Box 50 Adigrat, Tigray ETHIOPIA Direct: +251910100158 | Fax: +251(3)44452115 Email: Staff Profile of the Department

No.  Staff name Education Background  Academic rank Email
1 Kibrom Alebel Gebru (PhD) Ph.D. in Chemical Eng. Assistant Professor
2 Chhotu Ram (PhD) PhD in Environmental Eng. Assistant Professor
3 Javeed Akhtar (PhD) PhD in Process & Food Eng. Assistant Professor
4 Kiros Teklehaymanot Sinke PhD Candidate Lecturer
5 G/Meskel G/Kirstos Gebru Msc Lecturer
6 Abel G/Hiwot Hadgu Msc Lecturer
7 Andom Mebrahatu Lilay Msc Lecturer
8 Brhanu G/Silassie Berhe Msc Lecturer
9 Basha Mekonen Semegn Msc Lecturer
10 Gebrezgabher Taddesse G/Tinsae Msc Lecturer
11 GueshTsegay  Weldejewergs Msc Lecturer
12 Hailu Brhane G/Yesus Msc Lecturer
13 Hilemicheal Tsegay Girmay Msc Lecturer
14 Mebrahtom Hagos Kidane Msc Lecturer
15 Meaza Kidane Teferi Msc Lecturer
16 Mebrahtu Gebreziher  Hailu Msc Lecturer
17 Mebrihit G/Mariam Abraha Msc Lecturer
18 Medhanie G/Medhin Gebru Msc Lecturer
19 Mehari Abraha Welekiros Msc Lecturer
20 Nigsty G/Yohanes G/Hiwot Msc Lecturer
21 Tsegalul Kindeya Meles Msc Lecturer
22 Tsegay Hailu G/Silase Msc Lecturer
23 Zinabu Hailu Syum Msc Lecturer
24 Tsegakiros Fantay Hailu Msc Lecturer
23 Alemtsehay H/kiros Kidanu Msc Student Graduate Assistant
24 Ayalew Alemu Muruts Msc Student Graduate Assistant
25 Berihu Gebrechirkos G/tsadkan Msc Student Graduate Assistant
26 Brhane Tsegay Nguse Msc Student Graduate Assistant
27 Fikre Goitom Weldearegay Msc Student Graduate Assistant
28 Gebrekiros Araya G/Zher Msc Student Graduate Assistant
29 Hayelom Tesfay Gebremichael Msc Student Graduate Assistant
30 Letebrhan G/Aneniya G/Slase Msc Student Graduate Assistant
31 Mengsteab Nugusse Meresa Msc Student Graduate Assistant
32 Mizer Girmay Muruts Msc Student Graduate Assistant
33 Mulu Mehari Abrha Msc Student Graduate Assistant
34 Solomon Aregawi Teklu Msc Student Graduate Assistant
35 Teklay Hagos Nerea Msc Student Graduate Assistant
36 Tekleweyni G/micael K/mariam Msc Student Graduate Assistant
37 Tesfay Shambel  Beyene Msc Student Graduate Assistant
38 Tsge Tsegay Hagos Msc Student Graduate Assistant
39 Tsgehiwot Abrha Assefa Msc Student Graduate Assistant
40 Tsigehana G/Michael K/Mariam Msc Student Graduate Assistant
41 G/hiwot  Tadesse Murits Msc Student Lab Assistant
42 Haftay Mulaw Msc Student Lab Assistant
43 Almaz Niguse Atsibha Diploma T. assistant I

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