Addis Ababa University Marketing Management

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Addis Ababa University Marketing Management

Addis Ababa University Marketing Management – Check Below:


This Program Unit offers courses in Marketing Management both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The graduate program was launched in 2009.

Vision and Mission:

The Marketing Program Unit of the School of Commerce, Addis Ababa University “ strives to be among the most reputed program units worldwide for thought leadership in marketing management. “
The mission of the Marketing Program Unit is “to enhance the prestige and academic reputation of the School of Commerce as well as Addis Ababa University by building an outstanding marketing department that excels in thought leadership through creating and disseminating the value based and cutting edge knowledge in the areas of Marketing Management to the different stakeholders of the university”. The Program Unit is committed to achieve this mission by fostering a collaborative environment among scholars, students marketing professionals, and industry personnel in which intellectual curiosity about the behavioral aspects of marketing is a common focus.


The Unit has both undergraduate and graduate programs.
Program Objectives
The program has been created in order to realize the following objectives/goals:

  • To provide learning opportunities for professionals to pursue their academic career to a higher level;
  • To train and develop marketing professionals who can take part in the sustainable economic development process in local, regional and global business environments;
  • To provide an all-rounded and critical assessment of marketing management theories, concepts, principles and practices;
  • To provide broader and deep conceptual and practical framework in the field of marketing by developing skills pertaining to identifying and analyzing marketing information and research needs for managerial decisions;
  • To acquaint students with proactive approach to strategic marketing management rather than merely detecting and reacting to change;
  • To prepare confident and resourceful graduates for a successful marketing management career.

The courses to be delivered in this program have been taken from the latest course structures of different universities and hence have high level of coherence. In addition, the designing of the courses has been informed by surveys conducted in different industries operating in the country. Moreover, the courses under each module are highly related and the modules are naturally sequenced. The program thus has sufficient depth and breadth to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of the profession.
Admission Requirements
Students in the undergraduate program are admitted as per the requirements set for admittance to higher education institutions.
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