Addis Ababa University Department of Mathematics

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Addis Ababa University Department of Mathematics

Addis Ababa University Department of Mathematics – Check Below:
The Department of Mathematics, Addis Ababa University (AAU), has been running a BSc program in mathematics since 1961, an MSc program since 1980 and a Sandwich PhD program in Algebra since 2005 and recently in-house PhD program. So far, it has produced more than 500 MSc. Graduates.
Expanding its programs further, the department has designed a full-fledged in-house PhD program in five branches of specialization, namely: Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Differential Equations, and Optimization. The program creates the opportunity for eligible candidates to undertake their PhD studies locally in the listed areas of mathematics.
The proposed PhD program is a course-and-research-based program in the above mentioned areas of specializations, in which candidates are expected to make a significant contribution to mathematics, or develop a new application of mathematics. The courses offered in the program constitute a highly advanced body of knowledge in mathematics and are designed to familiarize students with the recent advances in their areas of specialization. The PhD program is envisaged to be a four-year of full-time study.
The Department of mathematics aspires to be a prominent mathematical center committed to the advancement and dissemination of mathematical knowledge and to the training of competent and responsible mathematicians who will contribute to the development of Ethiopia.
The department of Mathematics

  • Offers mathematics courses at all levels
  • Conducts research in pure and applied mathematics
  • Offers service courses to in various department across AAU

The objectives of the programs in mathematics are:

  • To produce trained manpower in mathematics for institution of higher learning in the country
  • To produce trained mathematicians that can work as researcher in industries/ or research institutions
  • To initiate, promote and foster research in various disciplines of mathematics
  • To strengthen the research capacity of the Department of Mathematics in various branches of mathematics,
  • To create a nucleus for a center of research in mathematics

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