Addis Ababa University College of Development Studies

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Addis Ababa University College of Development Studies

Addis Ababa University College of Development Studies – Check Below:

The Institute of Development Research (IDR), which was the precursor of the College of Development Studies (CDS), was established in January 1972 as an integral part of the University with the objectives of initiating, coordinating and directing interdisciplinary research on the development problems of Ethiopia, and providing training in the field of development studies. In 2008, the IDR, along with two other units, namely RLDS and IGS, became the College of Development Studies. As of 2012, the College has been reorganized having six centers under its umbrella. With its relatively well-organized and qualified faculty having varied academic backgrounds and work experiences, CDS has been running postgraduate training and carrying out research. . It has also established academic programs aimed to be centers of excellence in some key areas of development. Currently, the CDS offers two PhD and nine Master’s Programs. CDS staff areinvolved in providing consultancy services in development frontiers both as collaborative undertaking and individual work. The College aspires to expand its reach and offer short-term (in-service) training, outreach and consultancy services.
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