AAU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

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AAU Department of Sociology and Anthropology

AAU Department of Sociology and Anthropology – Check Below:


Program Objectives

  • General Objectives

The Department of Sociology of Addis Ababa University seeks to provide a broad range of high quality courses that expose students to sociological perspectives, leading to an understanding of our own as well as other societies and cultures. The department also aspires to enable sociology to play its rightful role in development processes and enable the discipline to make significant contributions to nation building efforts.

  • Specific Objectives

The following are the specific objectives of the programs of the department:

  1. To produce graduates of sociology who are capable of integrating social theory, research, and practice;
  2. To train manpower knowledgeable of the objective conditions of the country and capable of contributing to further understanding of those conditions;
  3. To produce graduates who are capable of participating in research aimed at the identification of the causes and consequences of poverty and related social problems and generate data as inputs to the process of formulation of appropriate social policies;
  4. To produce graduates who will have the basic preparation for participating in the formulation of appropriate social policies and programs designed to expedite the process of social and economic development in both rural and urban areas; and
  5. To equip graduates with the knowledge, professional skills and attitudes necessary for working with and mobilizing individuals, groups and communities, from diverse cultures and multiple perspectives, for purposes of social development;
  1. Current programs

The department of sociology currently offers three programs.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (offered both in regular and evening modes);
  • Master’s Degree in Sociology; and
  • PhD in Sociology

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Students are required to meet the national higher education enrolment criteria. Students placed to the College of Social Sciences can join the program on competitive basis.

  • Master’s Degree in Sociology

Admission priority is given to those who hold an undergraduate degree in Sociology, or Sociology together with Social Anthropology, Social Administration, or Social Work. However, when and if there is free space left, the Department may accept high performing candidates with undergraduate degrees in the fields of: (a) other Social Sciences (b) Economics (c) Law and (d) Statistics.
Candidates from a Non-Sociology background, if admitted, will be strictly required to take the undergraduate program courses entitled: (i) Introduction to Sociology, (ii) Social Institutions I, and (iii) Social Institutions II under special arrangements.
In addition to satisfying the School of Graduate Studies’ admission requirements, all applicants will be screened by the Department using any combination of the following criteria: (a) undergraduate field of study; (b) cumulative GPA; (c) entrance examination, and (d) interview.

  • PhD in Sociology

Admission to the Sociology Ph.D. program is open to applicants who hold an MA degree in Sociology and also preferably an undergraduate degree in Sociology.
Furthermore, all applicants will be required to attach to their application form a prep-proposal of 7-8 pages outlining statement of the problem, objectives and brief methodology. Then, the Department of Sociology shall evaluate their appropriateness as Ph.D. candidates through written and oral examinations as well as availability of senior faculty qualified to supervise a dissertation in the proposed area of study.
In all cases, admission to the Sociology Ph.D. program will be processed according to the rules and regulations of the School of Graduate Studies of the Addis Ababa University, subject to approval by the same.

  1. Current Number of Students


  • Regular: 140
  • Evening: 185



  1. Current Head
  • Name: Addisu Meseret
  • Office telephone: +251111225948
  • Email: meseret@aau.edu.et
  • Office location: College of Social Sciences Building (NCR)
  • Room number: 278


  1. Administrative Staff
  • Name: Lia Tesfaye
  • Position: Secretary
  • Telephone: +251111225948
  • Email:soliyanadaniel2@gmail.com
  • Room number: 278

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