AAU Department of Foreign Language and Literature

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AAU Department of Foreign Language and Literature

AAU Department of Foreign Language and Literature – Check Below:

Kindly Reach Out to the School using the Contact Details Below for further Information about the department

The following are members of the current management team of the College.
Dr. Amanuel Alemayehu (Asst. Prof)
E-mail: chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Associate Deans
Dr. Girma Mengistu (Asst. Prof) -Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Dr. Agaredech Jemaneh – Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: +251-111-231075 (office)
Dr. Mulusew Asratie -Associate Dean for Research and Technology Transfer)
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Department Chairs/School Head

  1. Girma Gebere – Chair, Department of Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: amharic.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Amharic Language
E-mail: ugc.dal@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239702

  1. TMulugeta Negassa – Chair, Department of Oromo Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: oromo.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Oromo Language
E-mail: ugc.dol@aau.edu.et

  1. Ato Hadigo Teka – Chair, Department of Tigrigna Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: tigrigna.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Tigrigna Language
E-mail: ugc.dtl@aau.edu.et

  1. Dr. Abebe Damitew – Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

E-mail: foreign.language@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Foreign  Language
E-mail: ugc.dfl@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239728

  1. Dr. Dessalegn Hagosse  (Asst. Prof) – Chair, Department of Linguistics

E-mail: linguistics@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239755
Under Graduate Coordinator of Department Lingustic
E-mail: ugc.dl@aau.edu.et

  1. Ato Mekuria Mekasha – Head, School of Journalism and Communication

E-mail: journalism.communication@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of School of Journalism & communication
E-mail: ugc.sjc@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-234027

Managing Director
Ato Kassu Admassu
Tel: +251-118-684758
Administration Assistant
Teaching-Learning Support
Ato Gossa Tesfaye
E-mail: tl.chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239721
Tel: +251-111-231075
Associate Registrar
W/ro Birhanie Abate
Tel: +251-118-685891
Procurement, CHLSJC
Budget & Finance CHLSJC
Human Resource Management Dev’t, CHLSJC
Gender Office, CHLSJC
Email: go.chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Student Service, CHLSJC
Property Administration, CHLSJC
Planning, CHLSJC
College of Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism and Communication (CHLSJC)
P.O. Box: 1176
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251-111- 239 721
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