AAU Department of Anatomy and Physiology

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AAU Department of Anatomy and Physiology

AAU Department of Anatomy and Physiology – Check Below:


The Department of Anatomy was established first as a unit in the Institute of Medical Science, AAU, in 1966 and then became a department after about five years. By then, it was concerned with the teachings of gross anatomy, histology and embryology to undergraduate medical and pharmacy students. Later in 1979, it started a postgraduate program (MSc degree) in anatomy, offering gross anatomy, histology and embryology courses to residents in surgery, orthopedic surgery and obstetrics & gynecology. Then it launched a PhD program in anatomy in 2012.
Currently the Department is engaged in the teaching of gross anatomy, histology and embryology courses/modules to the preclinical I undergraduate medical students, general anatomy & histology courses to undergraduate students from the schools of pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory technology, radiography and dentistry. Upon request, the Department also gives various modules to fellows specializing in different clinical sub-specialty programs, such as cardiology, dermatology & venerology, gastrointestinal and endocrine fellowship programs in the School of Medicine. The Department also runs its own MSc and PhD programs in Anatomy.
Mission and Vision

  • To continue its course/module offerings in the various fields of Anatomy to students of the different categories of Medical and Paramedical fields of the University;
  • To strengthen its existing postgraduate programs by upgrading them and launching new ones for diversification and facilitate the production of trained anatomists who will meet the demand in the country;
  • To undertake relevant research in the biomedical sciences;
  • To render consultancy services to the public and higher medical institutions in the country;
  • To make itself the center of excellence in teaching, research as well as rendering service to the public.

Program objectives

  • General Objectives of the Department
  • To offer anatomy courses/modules to medical and paramedical undergraduate students, and residents;
  • To train anatomists who have anatomical knowledge and skills, and are able to teach anatomy courses and carry out biomedical research in the medical and paramedical institutes;
  • To conduct relevant research in biomedical sciences.

Specific Objectives of the Department

  • To offer courses/modules in gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy and developmental anatomy to undergraduate medical and paramedical students (pharmacy, nursing, medical laboratory technology, radiography and dentistry), and to residents and fellows of various specialty and sub-specialty programs;
  • To train postgraduate students for MSc and PhD degrees in anatomy;
  • To conduct basic and applied research;
  • To offer diagnostic and consultancy services.


Contact address
School of Medicine                            
P.O. Box 9086, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                      
Tel:  +251-115-536590                                                                                                             
Fax: +251-115-505980
Email: mahlet.yigeremu@aau.edu.et,                                      
Tikur Anbessa Hospital
P.O. Box: 5657, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251-115-156170
Fax: +251-115-505980
Email: tanbessa@gmail.com
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