AAU College of Humanities Language Contacts

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AAU College of Humanities Language and Journalism Contacts

AAU College of Humanities Language Contacts – Check Below:
The following are members of the current management team of the College.
Dr. Amanuel Alemayehu (Asst. Prof)
E-mail: chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Associate Deans
Dr. Girma Mengistu (Asst. Prof) -Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Dr. Agaredech Jemaneh – Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: +251-111-231075 (office)
Dr. Mulusew Asratie -Associate Dean for Research and Technology Transfer)
Phone: +251-111-239721(office)
Department Chairs/School Head

  1. Girma Gebere – Chair, Department of Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: amharic.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Amharic Language
E-mail: ugc.dal@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239702

  1. TMulugeta Negassa – Chair, Department of Oromo Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: oromo.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Oromo Language
E-mail: ugc.dol@aau.edu.et

  1. Ato Hadigo Teka – Chair, Department of Tigrigna Language, Literature and Folklore

E-mail: tigrigna.langauge@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Tigrigna Language
E-mail: ugc.dtl@aau.edu.et

  1. Dr. Abebe Damitew – Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

E-mail: foreign.language@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of Foreign  Language
E-mail: ugc.dfl@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239728

  1. Dr. Dessalegn Hagosse  (Asst. Prof) – Chair, Department of Linguistics

E-mail: linguistics@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239755
Under Graduate Coordinator of Department Lingustic
E-mail: ugc.dl@aau.edu.et

  1. Ato Mekuria Mekasha – Head, School of Journalism and Communication

E-mail: journalism.communication@aau.edu.et
Under Graduate Coordinator of School of Journalism & communication
E-mail: ugc.sjc@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-234027

Managing Director
Ato Kassu Admassu
Tel: +251-118-684758
Administration Assistant
Teaching-Learning Support
Ato Gossa Tesfaye
E-mail: tl.chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Tel: +251-111-239721
Tel: +251-111-231075
Associate Registrar
W/ro Birhanie Abate
Tel: +251-118-685891
Procurement, CHLSJC
Budget & Finance CHLSJC
Human Resource Management Dev’t, CHLSJC
Gender Office, CHLSJC
Email: go.chlsjc@aau.edu.et
Student Service, CHLSJC
Property Administration, CHLSJC
Planning, CHLSJC
College of Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism and Communication (CHLSJC)
P.O. Box: 1176
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251-111- 239 721
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